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Are you an author who currently does their own book editing? Letting go of your story and allowing fresh eyes to read, edit, and make suggestions can make all the difference in the world! I would love to help you work through your book, chapter by chapter.

Website/Marketing Materials

Putting a website together takes hours of relentless work. Things will almost always get missed. Your website and  marketing materials are a representation of your company and brand. They should be professional and speak to the consumer. I can help you polish what is already there to make it more sales driven and consumer friendly.


Whether you have created content for classes, employee manuals, or various other projects, professional editing is always a good idea. Let me help you make your hard work even more professional by editing for aesthetics as well as grammar and syntax.

Social Media Content

Grammar errors and poor writing, especially on social media posts, are a reflection of your business. Do your posts reflect your level of efficiency and excellent service? Sometimes just a few tweaks here and there can go a long way. If you have social media content that you'd like to share with your viewers, it's always best to have someone else look it over and make sure it is as professional as it can be!

What My Clients Say

Emily Sego, Author

Emily Sego, Author

I loved working with Nichole - I was very impressed with how thorough AND thoughtful she was when editing my cookbook. I am confident now the final product is of professional quality, thanks to Nichole!
-Emily Sego, The Goldilocks Kitchen

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